Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams of Business Ownership Through Franchising.

FranServe Consultants Earn Money by Helping People Own a Franchise

Franchise companies pay significant referral fees to FranServe Consultants for helping them source and qualify buyers of their franchise brand.


The Opportunity:

Small business ownership is on the rise. People want to be their own boss and build a secure future. Franchise ownership offers a low-risk way to escape the corporate sector’s cutthroat environment and instability.

The franchise industry needs consultants. The focus on franchising has led to phenomenal growth – but the franchise consulting industry is underserved nationwide. In a recent report by the International Franchise Association (IFA) there are as few as 25 franchise consultants per state in the U.S. – while the number of franchise establishments in the U.S. grew by nearly 16,000 in 2019 alone.

We train and support the best franchise consultants in the industry to help meet the demand.

The FranServe Opportunity
FranServe consultants

FranServe consultants build a lucrative business in three ways:

  • helping others research franchise and business opportunities
  • providing access to the funding they’ll need to start their business
  • assisting successful businesses franchise their concept

Who Is FranServe

FranServe is the largest organization of franchise consultants in the world with 500+ active consultants in North & South America representing over 550 of today’s hottest franchises. We are viewed as one of the most professional and prestigious groups in our industry by our franchise and lending partners.

Why Join FranServe

Unparalleled Commitment

Our business model is simple; your success is our success. We only win when you win. No other organization is as committed to helping our consultants achieve their goals as FranServe.

Unlimited Training

We never stop training our consultants. FranServe offers continually and unlimited access to both live and on-demand training courses taught by industry experts in every field. You learn and are guided by the best of the best.

CFC Designation Certification

FranServe affiliates have the option to become a Certified Franchise Consultant and earn their CFC designation, showing their clients and franchisors their professional commitment to the industry.

FranServe Benefits

Included Benefits with FranServe:

  • The most comprehensive training and support program in the industry
  • Personal and group mentoring programs
  • The best software system and technology infrastructure in the industry
  • The highest number of available marketing services – with an in-house leads program
  • Branded, mobile-friendly websites for all of FranServe Consultants
  • Invitation to the annual FranServe conference

Our Ideal Consultant

  • Enjoys working with and helping others.
  • Has solid work / business experience.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Process and detail oriented.
  • Ability to work independently.

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Franchise placements.
  • Funding partner referrals.
  • Franchisor referrals.
  • Helping successful businesses become franchises.

 What Our Consultants Say: 

FranServe is a great partner in my franchise consulting business. From the multi-phase training to the mentor and other support programs, my FranServe support team is with me every step of the way. I have learned so much and have been able to develop great relationships with many franchisors. Most importantly, I have been able to help many individuals and teams find the right business that can help them achieve their dreams!

Chris Brooks, CFC

FranServe is an excellent investment opportunity. For those that have a strong desire to help others and themselves become their own boss with a wide diversity of proven and emerging franchise brands - this is your model. The entire team will provide you with the support, training, and infrastructure you need to be a high performing franchise consultant.

Jack and Jill Johnson, CFC

Joining FranServe and becoming a professional franchise consultant through their training & mentorship program is the best career move I ever made. Like many, I wanted to be my own boss and leave Corporate America. I am living my dream. To me that means more time with my family, enjoying freedom and flexibility and being accountable only to my own high goals and standards. My income is excellent and a direct reflection of my efforts and I can rest easy knowing that my job can never be abruptly eliminated.

Jason Blough, CFC

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